Poem-In-A-Photo. Poem about a man pondering about the world in front of him. Inspirational photo of Marina Piccola, a port in Sorrento, Italy, where you see the bay that combines the sea and the land, and man pondering while admiring the grandness of nature. @JuliaFCardenasC

Poem 210502

I pause
as my thoughts wonder,
and begin thinking questions
about how we got here…

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Poem-In-A-Photo. Poem is a sneak peek into a writer’s world. Beautiful photo of an inspirational statue of a couple dancing that celebrates Moche’s heritage through Marinera. @JuliaFCardenasC

Poem 210418

A writer writes
regardless of the outcome,
sometimes thinking of the impact,
and others because of the need…

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Poem-In-A-Photo. Poem about togetherness and happiness. Inspirational landscape photo. The yellow, arid land contrasts with the blue sky and the mountains in the very far. There are little hints of green, but hit is almost unnoticeable. @JuliaFCardenasC

Poem 210328

To see the sky so bright
as if it were smiling at us…

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Poem-In-A-Photo. Poem about troubles, decisions and choices. Beautiful day photo while riding along the Rhine River in Köln, Germany. The sky is clear and blue, and the water so crystal blue. @JuliaFCardenasC

Poem 210321

Troubles have been around
since the beginning of times…

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Poem-In-A-Photo. Poem about hope and life. Beautiful overcast photo in Dublin, Ireland. It’s a busy street with cars driving through. @JuliaFCardenasC

Poem 210314

It is another morning.
The sun shines another day…

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Poem-In-A-Photo. Poem about unrequited love. Inspirational photo of a bird flying over the blue sky. A bright day at Plaza Gerardo Barrios in San Salvador, El Salvador. @JuliaFCardenasC

Poem 210307

Te extrañé
como el aire extraña a la tormenta…

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Poem-In-A-Photo. Poem about writing and a writer’s life. Breathtaking photo of nature contrasting with ancient history in the old city of Pompeii in Pompei, Province of Naples, Campania, Italy. @JuliaFCardenasC

Poem 210221

We begin creating stories
when clarity discovers…

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Photo of Julia F. Cárdenas-C. at the Dublin Writer's Museum in Dublin, Ireland, Europe.
About Poetry

Hi, I’m Julia, a poet at heart inspired by the world and all that surround us.

is the singing
of the open heart
is the soul crying
as the eyes guide
each selected word
to a world of thoughts
to a world of feelings
in the inspired minds.

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“a poem is a poem… once given to the world belongs to the mind that holds it to form thoughts.”