Inspirational photo of the Julia holding onto a ladder that leads to the ocean behind her. Breathtaking nature landscape combining a blight blue ocean with its waves hitting the green-brownish mountain in the far that touches the bright and light but sky with some white clouds. @JulliaFCardenasC
Julia F. Cárdenas-C.

Poet and Writer.
Passionate about the World Around Us and the Human Spirit.

My hand expresses the voice of my soul and turns the thoughts in my mind into words. I love writing about anything and in any medium.

I write poetry and short stories. My other projects include children’s stories, playwriting, and screenwriting. My prose is said to have the infusion of my poetic voice.

I like listening to music, taking pictures, going to movies, and watching TV and sports, like soccer.

I enjoy dancing my heart out and exploring the world through long drives or flying.

I am thankful for life, my family, my imagination, inspiration, and the world.

You can see me taking a stroll around the neighborhood or at the beach.