A dot can represent the origin point of life. It denotes the start of an artist’s hand stroke. It is the mark that becomes the line that delineates the moving rhythm of a dancer. It sets in motion the research of any science. It initiates the tackling of solving a puzzle. It undoubtedly becomes the emergence of a storyline. Everything starts with a dot.

Relationships start with the want to connect, to collaborate. Everything begins with a desire to communicate, to share our thoughts, ideas, how we see things, how we feel.

Welcome to my website!

I am a poet at heart. If you read my About page, you know that I am passionate about the world. Everything around me is a source of inspiration.

Why do I say connecting dots? Like the game we played as kids – Dots and Boxes, where we drew lines from one dot-point to another to claim as many completed squares and win the game -, I think we are dots connected by invisible strings that interlace in the mind space through the linking of our thoughts.

For a writer, a dot is the start of a pen stroke as it sketches words that form sentences that turn into paragraphs that soon fill pages. And, as the last period marks the end, a poem, story, or reflection takes flight.


Words are powerful.
Writing heals.
It gives the soul
a safe environment
to express itself
and find its freedom
with each spoken word
in every writing piece.


I draw inspiration from the world and express how all that surrounds me makes me feel.

This website is my expression canvas. Here you will find personal quotes, poetry, reflections, stories, creative articles, and some of my photographs.

I will always aim for my posts to inspire, instill hope, and spark a conversation.

I hope you enjoy following my writing journey as much as I love crafting each piece.