Connecting Dots

A dot can represent the origin point of life. It denotes the start of an artist’s hand stroke. It is the mark that becomes the line that delineates the moving rhythm of a dancer. It sets in motion the research of any science. It initiates the tackling of solving a puzzle. It undoubtedly becomes the emergence of a storyline. Everything starts with a dot [read more…]

The World

Photo by Francesco Ungaro

・Source of Inspiration
・Shaper of the Spirit
・Feeds what Becomes

The Mind

Photo by Lukas Rodriguez

・Dream Catcher
・Builder of New Worlds
・Well of the Imagination

The Artistry

Photo by Anthony Shkraba

・Creative Footprint
・Manifestation of the Soul
・Conduit of the Expression

Inspirational photo of the Julia holding onto a ladder that leads to the ocean behind her. Breathtaking nature landscape combining a blight blue ocean with its waves hitting the green-brownish mountain in the far that touches the bright and light but sky with some white clouds. @JulliaFCardenasC

Poet and Writer.
Passionate about the World
Around Us and the Human Spirit 

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Photo of a yellow flower, irradiates cheer with its color so bright. @JuliaFCardenasC

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